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Dear customers, friends and collaborators, Taking into consideration the current situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19, we wish to inform you that it is our commitment to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community, which is why we have observed with attention, detail and rigor the official communications of the competent authorities regarding the evolution of the disease.

Despite the fact that we do not have any diagnosed cases among our staff, preventively and seeking to contribute to reducing the scale of infections, have determined to follow these points here below:

  • We postpone all wine tourism activities, tastings, visits, workshops, etc., until further instructions of the competent authorities that may determine the end of the quarantine.
  • The attention to the public in our facilities will be cancelled, except when needed for the purpose of loading and unloading goods. The shop will be open in the morning from 9:30 to 15:00h. and 24/7 Online in www.bodegascastano.com
  • The attention to suppliers is also limited to those cases when needed. You are able able to maintain telematic communication at the usual daily times. We are doing our best not to alter our productive activity and orders management. We have undertaken all sanitary measures to continue our activity as normal as may be possible.
  • The entire team of Bodegas Castaño is currently healthy and operational and we have established working shifts in accordance with health security measures. The presence in the workplace will be limited, carrying out telematic work in all the positions that may allow it.

We remain at your total disposal for any further information you may need and we continue working for the good evolution of our day to day.

You can contact us by phone on +34 968 791 115 or email info@bodegascastano.com. Also, with the personnel you usually communicate with on their phones and e-mails.

We at Castaño recommend to take precautions and take care of ourselves, but it is also vital to stay calm.

Thanks for your attention and understanding,

Castaño Family.

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