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Types of wine

Enjoy all the red, rosé, white or sweet wines of Bodegas Castaño!


  • Red Wines
    <h2>They are the clear example of The Art of Monastrell</h2> <h3><b>Enjoy an original and authentic wine</b></h3> <p>You can either enjoy the purest expression of this unique grape or try it blended with the foreign grapes that we have also adapted to our terroir.</p>
  • White wines
    <h2>Freshness is Castaño</h2> <p>With <strong>our grapes Macabeo and Chardonnay</strong> we seek for the perfect binomial, fresh fruitiness along silky unctuosity.</p>
  • Rosé Wines
    <h2>The freshness of Monastrell</h2> <p>The <strong>most versatile wines</strong> top air with your dishes. The essence of Monastrell.</p>
  • Sweet Wines
    <h2>A sweet touch with Castaño</h2> <p>A selection of two wines that become the perfect companions<strong> for your appetizers or desserts</strong>.</p>
  • Vinos personalizados
  • Packs Regalo
  • Visitas y catas

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