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  • The Essential Ones
    <p>Our <strong>most emblematic wines</strong> for you to discover the <strong>winemaking philosophy of Bodegas CASTAÑO</strong>. The essential wines for your own collection!</p>
  • Castaño
    <p>Astonishingly fresh, fruity and harmonious young wines.</p>
  • Organic Wines
    <p>We have experimented a continuous<strong> growth of organic wine production</strong> in the past few years. The result is red, white and rosé wines elaborated with the <strong>Monastrell and Macabeo grapes</strong>, all sourced from v<strong>ineyards that are certified with the organic seal</strong>.</p>
  • Dominio Espinal
    <p>A selection of <strong>young wines that are born in our estate El Espinal</strong>, located in Campo Abajo (lowlands). A lively, fresh and easy-drinking range.</p>
  • Castaño & Co.
    <p>Also with the quality seal of CASTAÑO, we elaborate<strong> these singular joint-venture red wines</strong> with grapes carefully selected from vineyards in Campo Arriba (highlands), which <strong>are oak barrel-aged</strong>.</p>
  • Types of wine
    <p>Enjoy all the red, rosé, white or sweet wines of Bodegas Castaño!</p>

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