X Edition of the wine Contest "Certamen de vinos DOP Yecla San Isidro" 2017

Last Friday 19th May was held in the headquarters of the Appellation of Origin Yecla, the 10th Edition of the Wine Contest “Certamen de Vinos DOP Yecla San Isidro” where the wines submitted by the wineries were blind tasted by prestigious professional tasters from different countries.

This contest directed by Mr. Adrián Martinez Cutillas is approved by the IWO, strictly complies with submission, tasting and scoring rules and ensures the anonymity of each wine sample  tasted.

Depending on the scores attained by the wines tasted for each of the six categories, the wines are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals. The categories are  whites (1), roses (2) ,young reds vintage 2015 and 2016 (3), oaked reds harvested in 2015 and 2016 (4), oaked reds vintages 2014 and before (5) and sweet wines (6).

The excellent level of quality on the wines submitted by the wineries, was the general overview of the professional tasters this year, therefore proud producers and exporters from a small region with a wide way to go

Wines from Bodegas Castaño have been awarded with the following medals on each of the contest categories,

3 Gold Medals

  - Category 2: Rose wine --> Dominio Espinal Monastrell 2016

  - Category 1: White wines --> Dominio Espinal Macabeo 2016

  - Category 6: Sweet wines --> Castaño Monastrell dulce 2015


3 Silver Medals

   - Category 1: White wines --> Castaño Macabeo-Chardonnay 2016

   - Category 3: Red wines vintages 2015 and 2016 --> Castaño Monastrell 2016

   - Category 5: Red wines vintages 2014 and before --> Santa 2014


2 Bronze Medals:

 - Category 2: Rose wine --> Castaño Monastrell 2016

- Category 5: Oaked red wine, vintages 2014 and before --> Casa Cisca 2013