Castaño Family

The legacy of Bodegas Castaño

Ramón Castaño Santa, founder of Bodegas Castaño, started making his first wines in bulk back in 1950. Pioneer in the use of the Monastrell grape, he extended the family heritage with the purchase of new vineyard sites. With the gradual incorporation of their three children, Ramón, Juan Pedro and Daniel Castaño, the true innovation started and with it, the expansion to international markets.


Strengh through unity

One of the key factors to achieve the quality of our wines and our renowned customer service is the sum of a unique scenery for Monastrell, our team's talents in the cellar, plus the effort and involvement of every single person at Castaño.

Castaño's family and crew in the vineyards
Mariano López, the winemaker of Bodegas Castaño

Our winemaker. Mariano López

With a trajectory as long as 30 years devoted to wine, Mariano López, winemaker by profession, is the creator of CASTAÑO wines together with the family. His experience and dedication over the years have been an essential part of the path followed to increase quality vintage after vintage. With a serious countenance but with a cheerful personality, Mariano is already part of our living history.

Winemaking premises

Two winemaking cellars, fully equipped with stainless steel tanks for a correct maceration process at controlled temperatures. An underground oak barrel-ageing cellar with temperatura and humidity control, and a warehouse with the appropriate light and conditions to provide the wine bottles with their final rest before their release to the world.

Winemaking premises and oak barrels of Bodegas Castaño