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The flowering of the grapevine

The flowering of the grapevine


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Flowering of the grapevine

From the end of May to beginning of June, it happens one of the most beautiful and important  cycles in the vine, the flowering peridod of the grapevine.

The white and small flowers opens to be pollinated by the insects or the natural action of the wind. Once this have happend, it develop the grape berry. This stage it known as “curdled”

The flowering stablished the harvest volumen and the beggining of the picking, normally it goes one hundred days from the curdled to the harvest of the grapes.

Some weather conditions are necessary to the right evolution in this process; temperaturas around 20 degrees, lots of sunlight and few rainfalls. Otherwise the pollination is affected and it makes slowler the curdled of the fruit.

This phenological state it takes a bit longer in our grape variety monastrell and so the harvest.

Within the vineyards in the appellation Yecla, with a clear continentainal and dry weather, the long sunshine hours and the high altitude make a privileged setting for the right evolution of the berries until the veraison.



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