The Winery 

In 1950, Ramón Castaño Santa, son and grandson of viticulturers, had already built up his own winery and was, by the time, broadening the family vineyards. In 1975, came the acquisition of the first plots in Las Gruesas, the estate that would eventually become relevant to Bodegas Castaño for its size and quality.

A few years later, in the early 80s Ramón Castaño Santa purchased the first bottling unit and with it, the real improvement and development started to take place, always bearing in mind quality as the main leitmotiv.

At the beginning of the 90s, his three sons, Ramón, Juan Pedro and Daniel were fully incorporated to the family business. It was then when the international expansion began to be a reality. The presence of Bodegas Castaño in the main trade fairs around the world, commercial survey trips and international tasting events became a constant feature. Then the first national and international recognitions and awards arrived. This expansion to different markets provoked the necessity of advanced technological developments within the premises so as to reach higher quality rates and favour the competitiveness of Bodegas Castaño.

Years later, a new air conditioned storing warehouse of 3000 sqm in two floors was built. It included a storing room for bottle ageing with capacity for 500.000 units and cooling room for the pre- fermentative maceration of grapes at harvest time.

Gradually, the acquisition of the most modern systems of maceration, stabilization and vinification took place, 

  • Carbonic maceration tanks equipped with a selection line and manual devatting by the use of conveyor belts.

  • Traditional macerators with temperature control and automated pump overs.

  • Maceration vats with “Ganymede System” which take advantage of natural carbonic gas in fermentation.

  • Small and medium-size tanks that allow selective and experimental vinifications.

The technological expansion and evolution of Bodegas Castaño continues up to date associated to quality. Vineyard, winery and market are still in constant growth, but so far, we have become a referent in the winemaking sector in South-Eastern Spain.