The Harvest

The dry climatic conditions in Yecla provide a very regular grape ripening that nearly allows a scheduled harvest starting point year after year. In those years with a higher rainfall rate or prolonged cooler temperatures, a delay of 6-10 days may occur.

Chardonnay, the French-origin variety, has the shortest ripening cycle, so its harvest usually starts by mid August, being the varietal that first arrives to the winery. On the other hand, the local variety Monastrell, with a longer maturing scheme, is not finished harvested until mid October. This means that harvest in Yecla are usually very long.

After an exhaustive selection of vineyards, we proceed with the ripening control, which it is carried out by our experienced team. At a first stage, this control is only visual, checking leaves, stem and berries. As ripening progresses, the tasting of grapes becomes essential, as well as a physical test and analysis. The parameters to supervise are sugar content, acidity and sanitary state of the berries among others. When all the necessary data have been collected, the beginning of the harvest for each variety can be established.

Monastrell harvesting is always manual since all of the grapes come from bushed vines. In order to achieve a higher quality standard in some of our wines, the grapes are collected in small crates that will be stored in a cooling room for a pre-maceration process previous to a strict selection on a triage table.