The Family

"By keeping our roots, we follow our traditions. We have commited ourselves to produce top-quality wines, developing our genuine Monastrell grape variety."

The willpower, strength and determination of Ramón Castaño Santa have been necessary in his endeavour to achieve the highest quality in his wines, elaborated with the indigenous grape variety, Monastrell.

The relationship of Ramón with wines dates back several generations, as both vine-grower and winemaker. In 1950 he had already built a new winery, bringing up to date the technical means and increasing the hectares of vineyards. But it was not until 1980 when he started bottling. At first, this approach was considered rather adventurous in the conservative wine world in Yecla, since Monastrell allowed a certain easy market sold in bulk. From the very first moment onwards the main goal has always been quality.

The incorporation of his three sons into the family company along the 80s, brought in a new focus aimed to consolidate the national markets and seek the international expansion.

The Castaño family has always been considered a pioneer in the area, experimenting with the grape variety Monastrell to both create straight wines and blend it with other varieties, introducing the latest technology, not only in the vineyard but also in the winery, and implementing new quality systems that allow a more suitable winemaking.