Bodegas Castaño welcomes you to the interesting and attractive world of winemaking.

A tour in Bodegas Castaño will bring you the opportunity to discover the processes and methods of winemaking from the vine to the bottle. Join us and enjoy the Wine Route of DO Yecla hand by hand with one of our guides and get into this appealing magical world.

We organize pleasant walks in the vineyard and tours in the winery that follow the different stages in winemaking. Listen to the detailed explanations and curiosities about vinification that our guide will offer you with and get know a bit more about wine. You will also be able to taste the best wines produced in Bodegas Castaño, a real pleasure to the senses. Our visitors can also enjoy the typical home-made dishes pleasantly paired with our wines in the heart of the ancient winery, renewed to become a comfortable warm lunch room...